The BOX contains a ground-breaking method to transform your problems into a peaceful acceptance.

Jim Lee, from the depths of his own despair, has devised an imaginative, logical way out of one’s inner turmoil, whatever the issue may be. At present 40% of disability worldwide is due to depression and anxiety. While some may know the trigger to their afflicted mind, others may not have a clue – no matter how small, large or invisible the trigger may be.

The BOX presents a powerful strategy for tackling your persistent problems that perhaps you cannot even identify and certainly cannot fix in one attempt.

Introducing The BOX method

Lee is not a therapist, or a philosopher. In fact, he’s a film director and photographer – one of the most distinguished in his field. He deals with images, not words. It was when something happened in Jim’s life that seemed impossible to bear, to trap him in heartache and suffering wherever he turned, that the image came to him of The BOX

“Eventually I found a certain need for clarity came to me. I needed to simplify my thinking, control my emotions and get a grip – albeit slowly: there was far too much to process here in one bite. Logic seemed an almost tangible commodity – but how on earth was I going to look at things in a logical way?”
Jim Lee, The BOX

Jim found what he needed in The BOX. That was some thirty years ago, but he has used the method ever since, bringing him peace and clarity. Now he wants to share his experience with you, by creating one of the smallest and most inspiring self-help book ever published. It even looks like an enchanting little box. And just as The BOX helped Jim to keep a lid on his troubles, repeating the mantra “No Not Now” until the time was right, so it can help you, wherever you may be in the world.

Under a 30-minute read and small enough to slip in your pocket, simple to follow and yet profoundly sensible and compassionate, it offers a space to put the things in life that seem just too difficult and works as a guide through any problem, no matter how big or how small.

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A valuable little pocket book that suggests an interesting and potentially very useful approach to anxiety and loss.
Stephen Fry

Jim Lee has produced here with The BOX a valuable contribution to how we try and cope with major life trauma. He describes a method of confronting these by compartmentalising and using intense focus for limited periods of time. It has a powerful, clear and simple message. Jim describes a personally developed technique for addressing psychological pain, a strongly positive message from a great force for life. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
Dr. Tony Hughes

As we’re all very aware a head that’s over-stuffed with thoughts and emotions is a challenge that’s facing an increasing number of people. Hopefully this book can help to ease the load.
Sir Paul Smith

Jim Lee who was shattered by the death of his son in a car crash wrote a book to share his technique of how to cope with the trauma. The BOX is one tool which provides. In effect, an immediate form of cognitive behavioural therapy for such a situation. I recommend it.
Dr. Martin Scurr – The Daily Mail

Jim – Your book is completely inspiring and wonderful – thank you so much for sending it to me. It’s incredibly touching, generously written and I am sure will be a success. I am off to buy myself a Box – sadly the extent of my mental chaos is such that I don’t think I have the discipline to manage it solely in my mind; and I am really excited at the idea of finding a physical way of sorting through my issues in a calming and stabilising way. The BOX has touched me in so many ways – thank you so much for thinking of me.
Geraldine James OBE, Actor

I have found your BOX book quite inspirational, and have applied it to my life, but also my work. I am a professor of music in Liège, Belgium at the Royal Conservatory. I teach seminars and workshops on stage fright and performance anxiety, with the application of various mental coaching techniques to help students in a performance situation. Your thoughts have added another dimension to my work. I hope that you don’t mind my using your book as another example of another mental technique which can be applied to my discipline. Thank you so much, for your amazing story, brilliant book, and original concept.
Bruce Richards, Professor of Music at the Royal Conservatory, Liège, Belgium

I can say that The BOX was a genuinely moving read. There were many moments within it of clarity and quite profound emotional resonance. I can see how applying the notion of The BOX could help to create some distance from deeply painful feelings, whilst still being able to hold onto and cherish the intimacy and truth of the loved one who has passed. Hopefully you will find a way to share your words and experiences more widely as I can see the potential for The BOX to make a real difference to some people’s lives.
Dr. Shuman Hussein

Hi Jim – I got your ‘BOX’ book and many thanks for that. Aside from the fact that I like it as an object (as design) I think it makes a lot of sense. And I’m glad the writing is very direct as if it’s just you talking to…. whoever.
Barry Schwabsky, Art Critic and Historian, ARTFORUM & The NATION

The BOX book is fabulous – simple, moving, and powerful. I’d be thrilled to get one! I loved the manuscript you sent me. Well done!
Colin Vaines, Film Producer

Very soon after reading The BOX, I found myself doing the three Ns and later in the day found some space to allow the problem in. It enabled me to focus on other things in a fuller way. I felt released from the eternal ‘buzzy head’ which is so stressful and exhausting. I related to your observation that solace does not always come from others, it has to come from within. I really look forward to seeing this book published as it has already given me some inner peace and I believe that many people will benefit from it. I feel that without doubt, those people who maybe struggling with life’s challenges and discover The BOX will benefit from this enormously.
Dr. Frances Michie

This is a first aid kit for the troubled soul and every home, pocket and handbag should have one….Buy it for yourself or a friend in need.
The Daily Express