MY BOX Out Now

Following on from the huge success of The BOX published in 2018, Jim Lee now presents “MY BOX” a new take on his original concept aimed at children who may be suffering depression, anxiety or simply just feeling sad. It couldn’t be simpler…put your feelings down on a piece of paper, put them in the box and then revisit them for ten minutes once a day, in a special place. Take whatever is worrying you out of your mind so it doesn’t rule your every waking moment. If the problem comes back in that day say, NNot Now and return to it only when you open the BOX again the following day. Jim’s proven take on dealing with difficult issues has been praised by doctors and celebrities alike and aided his own recovery after the sudden death of his young son.

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It is a rather lovely booklet. The elegance and simplicity of the illustrations are captivating. They are able to convey with great power the essence of the idea – how those affected by deep trauma and emotional pain can be supported through a process of compartmentalisation.

As with the original, I can see that the children’s edition also has the potential to be a wonderful resource for any young person who has found themselves to be struggling with the pain of bereavement or loss. As a clinician I shall now be looking for the opportunities to pass on a copy of The Box.
Dr. Shuman Hussein

Another exquisite production, I hope MY BOX, will be a great success – it is perfect.
Dr. Martin Scurr, Daily Mail